Friday, September 11, 2009

Grandma PinUp


  1. You did a nice job of emphasizing the Grandma in this composition, but I still find the older man to be similarly dominant. Perhaps pushing his skin tone further into that blue realm could help? His eyes are also leading me off of the page, rather than enticing me to view the glorious rump-back set before him. The tennis balls on the walker seem to disappear, and the grandma's hat might be a bit too dark. I'm nitpicking of course, I'm assuming that these are things that can be easily adjusted in photoshop! Overall I find the piece to be hilarious, and there are plenty of exciting shapes to oogle over if I ever find myself restless in the night hours.

  2. logan-
    as i mentioned in the studio, see if you can tone down the background to make the old lady stand out more. i think this one is much more busy than the last and in turn is slipping away from the pin-up model that you are after.