Monday, November 22, 2010

Interesting but Random

My roommate posted this on Facebook and I thought it might be interesting to watch. Especially you, Mark, because you teach so many animation courses.

Recycling Frames--Disney

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Rolling calf and Ol' Hige

Rolling Calf

Ol' Hige

(please see past post for both stories story)

I apologize for not making it to class, I hope the talk goes well!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Natural Science

This is the piece I didn't bring in to class today. The animal is a nighthawk, a type of nightjar that feeds on insects (an owl-like, night-flying swallow).

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Ol' Hige


Ol' Hige

Ol' Hige is a witch who sheds her skin and flies by night, assuming the form of an owl. She harms people by sucking out their breath while they are sleeping, and is especially dangerous to babies.
Ol' Hige's habit of shedding her skin leaves her vulnerable. If you discover her skin, you merely need to put salt and pepper on it. She will be unable to put her skin back on because it will burn her too much. Without her skin, she can be killed.
Babies can be protected from Ol' Hige by placing an open Bible in their cribs, or by using certain charms.
Of West African origin, Ol' Hige is not confined to Jamaican folk tales, although she may be known by other names. In Trinidad she is called "Sukuyan".

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Rolling calf


Rolling Calf

Be careful how you stroll around the Jamaican countryside at night, because you really don't want to meet a rolling calf. A huge, calf-like creature which rolls along the road, blocking the way of night-time travellers, and chasing them with a wicked intention. It has blazing red eyes that gash fire, and a chain that it drags behing it, making an unnerving clanking noise.

To escape a rolling calf, the victim can do a number of things - drop objects for it to count (most supernatural creatures in Jamaican folklore can be escaped in this way), get to a cross roads (road junction) before it, open a pen knife and stick it in the ground. A rolling calf is also terrified of being beaten with a tarred whip held in the left hand.

Rolling calves are always male. They are believed to be the spirits of people (particularly butchers) who were wicked and dishonest during their lifetimes.

This sketch is not showing value yet, I only darkened the ground to show it is a stone path (For celerity)

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

New refined sketch

My next cover

Hey, Gang

My next cover will be of the 1991 Star Trek novel Vendetta. I wanted to do a space scene this time to play with depth and atmosphere and to created a bit of action this time. My idea is the Enterprise D being chased by the borg cube through an asteroid field. I want to have nebula in the back ground and color in the star field, I'm going for a larger wrap around format to mix things up a bit as well. I'm posting my sketches and the book synopsis off the back of the actual book.