Friday, October 9, 2009

Hanging in studio.

The progress of my pencils on the first two pieces. I still need ground, clouds, legs, foot, and hand on the second one, but should definantly be done by end of weekend, then on to my third. I will start inking on these pretty soon. Hopefully the ink will make it easier to take a decent photo of these.


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  2. I think these look great so far i would like to see some more detail or patterning in the capes maybe. I just feel that they take up alot of space and it would be have something on them or about them to draw us in more so.

  3. I think both compositions are great. I know that the photo is a little dark, but the horizon line in the left image is invisible, so the bowl still reads to me as falling off the branch. I'd find a way to make it more clear that the horizon line is slanted in the composition. Looking good!

  4. clovis-
    i think in the new one the guy in back is a bit to static through his torso. give a little twist in the hips or something to make him feel a bit more natural. i also feel as the figure up front might be showing too much mouth for how profile he is. his lips centerline seems to be to much on the side of his face.