Thursday, October 8, 2009



New panels... some out of order


  1. We talked about these images two days ago, so the main difference I notice is that you've added the texture and color. I really like the way that both are working in the first panel, it's got a rough feel that splits the scene, yet doesn't read as forced. In some of the other panels, mostly the ones where the man is shown sitting in the center, the texture seems to be lost, and the image seems "overexposed" and blown out. I'd try to incorperate more closeup panels, because that seems to be where the texture is working best.

  2. I definitely like the texture overlay you used on the color, but I think the texture on the outlines and borders is a little too strong. It might be worth lowering the contrast on the lines just to see if it helps or not.

  3. i dig the new texture. it gives it a printmaking feel that adds to the charm and disguises some of the confusing elements that would otherwise be glaring.