Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Natural Science

This is the piece I didn't bring in to class today. The animal is a nighthawk, a type of nightjar that feeds on insects (an owl-like, night-flying swallow).


  1. emily-
    i like it.
    i think it works better in the smaller thumbnail version than larger. it just seems clearer and more detailed. i understand the outline of white, i just wish it was opaque and really sharp in it's consistency (width, placement, application).
    what's the black in the lower right corner?
    i don't understand it but like the contrast in that corner.

  2. I agree with Mark, I prefer it small as well (To me it looks sharper) I'm just confused, what is this for again? Is it another postage stamp?

    I like the texture use in this one, and the color you chose to go around the bird