Thursday, November 11, 2010

Ol' Hige


Ol' Hige

Ol' Hige is a witch who sheds her skin and flies by night, assuming the form of an owl. She harms people by sucking out their breath while they are sleeping, and is especially dangerous to babies.
Ol' Hige's habit of shedding her skin leaves her vulnerable. If you discover her skin, you merely need to put salt and pepper on it. She will be unable to put her skin back on because it will burn her too much. Without her skin, she can be killed.
Babies can be protected from Ol' Hige by placing an open Bible in their cribs, or by using certain charms.
Of West African origin, Ol' Hige is not confined to Jamaican folk tales, although she may be known by other names. In Trinidad she is called "Sukuyan".

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  1. my vote is for the first one with the second as a runner up.
    though i think the first one should be a vignette or have something added to the background, as it seems a bit bare right now. but if a background is added i would make it potentially suggestive of her owl transformation or the breating in by the owl as seen in the second sketch. either way don't let the background image overpower the foreground image.