Tuesday, November 2, 2010

My next cover

Hey, Gang

My next cover will be of the 1991 Star Trek novel Vendetta. I wanted to do a space scene this time to play with depth and atmosphere and to created a bit of action this time. My idea is the Enterprise D being chased by the borg cube through an asteroid field. I want to have nebula in the back ground and color in the star field, I'm going for a larger wrap around format to mix things up a bit as well. I'm posting my sketches and the book synopsis off the back of the actual book.


  1. In the bottom-right sketch,
    I know the left side is probably going to be covered with text, but I am really looking forward to some awesome spectral watercolor action on that side, similar to what you did with Doctor Who.
    Is the book thick? Because if it is, I'm afraid the cube and it's laser might fall into the middle of the spine instead of staying on the front over. If it gets too close to the spine, it might draw the reader's attention to the back cover too much, instead of luring them in to open it and start reading.
    ....I'll probably be back with another comment later when I can get the right words out...

  2. I hear ya! I measured the book and did the sketch to scale, it has a thick spine about 400 pages, here is a refined sketch measured out to scale, the front cover will will end with the explosion and the end of the borg's beam on the very bottom left corner of the cover. I also cleaned up the Enterprise and fixed the perspective of the ship. I really want to have fun with the nebula and stars on this one with color.