Monday, November 1, 2010

sketches and things!

Heerree are my sketches for the next story:

doing something more designy portrait like this time around. making the concept simpler so i can experiment more with traditional media this time around.

for this one...playing with idea of his head "in the dirt" as a literal translation (might be the opposite of "get your head out of the clouds." ?). anyway, his head buried in his garden of wilting orchids. the "mannikins" (not quite sure if the story means literally dolls, or a creature) coming out of his nostrils. his eyes will be white with the film over them.

this is a portrait combining all the elements of the story: orchids, his blindness, and his personality at the end
similar portraits on the left, the right is him sitting at the entrance to his withered garden, not facing the audience. i wanted to have the eye in the above part, above the garden, but that can be removed.
thiis is a similar portrait to the other one.

and the story itself is here =)


  1. I really like the frame on the first sketch, but the image is a little stagnant. I like how the composition is arranged in the top-right sketch in the second image. Any ideas about combining the two?

  2. I like how your changing it up a bit with this one. I'm most drawn to the last one because I like the quiet composition and the design element of the border as well as its shape, it really fits the cultural theme. The only thing I noticed was I don't like how the left side plant curls and meets up with the line of his collar, I would just shift it a bit. I also am drawn to the top left one with him sitting with his back to the viewer and the eye up above, I like the mood and its kinda creepy, but I think you can get really expressive when you paint that one. :)

  3. I am really drawn to the idea of his head in the ground, mostly because it's playing with the character a little bit, giving him some action. Maybe you can play with some boarders around his head. Also to be repetitive, I want like millions of flowers around his head in the ground. But not all in detail, some just shapes of flowers in the background

    Only suggestions though :)

  4. i'll save most of my comments for clss, as i am mostly undecided which one would be best. i do think the head in the ground one is a bit of a strecth for the audience to understand why. i like it as a visual, but i miss the connection to the story.