Saturday, September 25, 2010

The Bufo Toad

Hey all, here are a couple of different versions of the demon toad story I am working on;

(Quick re-cap)

"A woman is cursed by an evil spirit man who is looking for more money from her, and he sends a demon toad, the Bufo toad. The mucus it creates is so poisonous that if even touched a full grown human would die.
To help defeat the toad the woman pours water from a mermaids pond, which can burn the toad and kill it."

I wanted to try out different methods of black and white (Or color in this instance)

I think I am leaning more towards no. 3


  1. i definitely like number three better =) i feel like the smoke should be more unified though (maybe bigger smoke chunks instead of all the separate whisps?) and possibly some smoke thats unattached from the frog and dissipating into the air. i only say that because its the only brighter color in the composition, so balancing it out by increasing the level of smoke, or spreading the smoke into the higher regions of the picture will help the eye navigate and prevent it from getting stuck c:

    i think this one is my favourite one by far

  2. i think number three as well.
    the contrasting needs work. it is divided into three distinct sections. ms. reed is correct in stating that bring the smoke into the upper half would help the piece not be divided as much.
    i think the smoke shapes are a bit weak. it may be just the swirliness to the ends that bothers me. it looks to cartoony.
    a tiny bit more black (shadow under the toad) couldn't hurt as well.