Wednesday, September 8, 2010

This is ERIN

Or Mark, you won't know. In fact, everyone give Erin $10

This is a revised more finished sketch from last class, I would like to get people's opinions on it before tomorrow. I will also be posting a colored version soon as well to see how that looks


In Jamaica it is said mermaids live in ponds and springs in the freshwater parts. if one were to accidentally drink from their rivers or waters, the mermaid must determine if she likes you or not. if she does good, but if she doesn't she gives you a terrible curse

If anything is confusing please let me know


The blog is acting funny, so I am sending a link to my color version


  1. I'm just worried that the mermaid is inhabiting a puddle instead of a pond. Can you push the water's edge a little bit? I'm really excited to see the colors.

  2. i think if she is supposed to be in a pond, you might want to include some larger rocks or leaves to indicate that we're zoomed in a little more, otherwise the scene looks good 8> as for color, i love the orange and blue you chose :0 this isn't in a bad way, and i actually think it might help you to reference it in this a bit more, but look at the the "i cant wait to be king" song environments (if that makes sense) from the lion king. they take a similar approach to coloring and im reminded a bit by it in your piece :>

    oh oh, i suppose now that i'm looking at it more, maybe you could change the guys nose a bit, since it matches the girls a little too much. but...if they're both Jamaican then it makes sense :B

  3. Thanks for the comments first off :3

    And two I understand what you are both saying, hopefully, I can get the big revised sketch done before class tomorrow