Monday, September 27, 2010

Painted skin: WIP

Heeyy here's a WIP for my upcoming piece based on the story "the painted skin". its my usual style, but i used textures in a slightly calmer fashion this time around. i also have two different color concepts im working with atm, one is slightly more red than the other. if there's anything else i should change before the finish, feel free to tell me =D thanks!


  1. Ha ha I had this whole comment, but then I looked again and though "Oh the shading is the same, I'm just crazy xD"

    I'm really liking the second one, the extra red in it really brings out the contrast better. But I'm wondering what would happen if you cut off a little bit of the composition on the right side of the piece, make it more narrow. It kinda feels like this strange bar right now with nothing going on.

    I love the lady's smoke head!

  2. I agree, I think the red really brings out the heart and some nice contrast in the smoke. I like the slight changes in the composition and the angles on the arms now.

  3. i like the one with the red also.
    i would like the smoke coming out of her head to break the right edge of the piece. (right now it only goes off the top.
    also look at his lips they seems off center on his face. they should be more profile based on the angle of his head.