Tuesday, September 14, 2010

This is Corinne!

Hey guyys this is Corinne, just posting a grayscale preview of my picture, with two different versions that fill the space underneath the bulls. any opinions/preferences/changes? thanks!

ver. 1
ver. 2


  1. I think I like a mix of both

    In ver. 1 I like how the ground is done under the bull, because I can already tell it's ink coming from the guys brush (Plus I really like the grass) I also like the pathway from the guy to the bull better in this version (In version two it feels like it's pushing me toward the top of the page and away from the bull)

    And in ver. 2 I like how the gray around the bull also extends from the tree, and it feels more like it's bleeding into it's own environment.

  2. corinne-
    i also think number 1. i think you could add drips (smaller ones) to it to combine both.
    either way make sure the inks flow as naturally as possible.

  3. I have to say #1 with some drips like in #2 added. The grass in #1 is more interesting and feels more fluid.

  4. I'm not sure if I'm allowed to do this... But,
    I would have to agree with #1. I am completely unaware as to the context of this image, but aesthetically speaking, #1.