Tuesday, October 26, 2010



Anansi and his friend, Klieg klieg bird, were playing cards, and the winner was to receive a part of flesh from the looser. Anansi kept loosing, and he told Bird that he refused to give up till he won. Klieg klieg bird finally lost a game, but refused to give Anansi his prize. Before Anansi could stop him, Bird flew away

Just the sketch for right now, I am still wokring on colors


  1. aw cute, i like this! i also like how its not totally black/white shading. :>

    instead of having normal playing cards, maybe you could invent some type of "card" that animals would use to play with? it might still have those symbols, but with if it was pieces of bark instead, or leaves with the numbers/symbol written on it? i don't think its a bad thing to use normal cards, but maybe using something nature-y will bring another aesthetic element into the piece c:

  2. also, i would be careful about the feathers on the birds wings. the top feathers in the first "section" are really big/long. i like the movement they have, but maybe shrinking them down a bit would make them seem less generic. just something to play around wiithh