Saturday, October 2, 2010

Twin girl Spirits

A quick refresher of the story;

Late one night, a bus driver finds twin young girls waiting on the side of the road. He offers a ride back to their home, which they show it at the top of a long hill. As he drove the girls, he tried a few times to make conversation, but the girls continued to stay silent, staring forward. As the bus driver stopped in front of the house, the front porch door opened, and an elderly woman stepped out. The girls ran to her, and they slipped quietly into the house shutting the door behind them.
The bus driver found out the next day, that no one had lived in that house for over 50 years. He had brought home two good spirits that had been waiting to return


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  2. (my dumb picture code didnt work, posting again)

    hmm i like this! the only thing that bugs me, and this might just be me, but i get the feeling with their posture that they SHOULD be turned in the other direction (ie, their backs towards us) i think it might be how their bodys bow outwards instead of inwards.

    heres a picture i edited to show you what i mean

    im not saying you should change the direction their facing in, but maybe raise the posture more or lean them slightly inward so it doesnt get too confusing c: otherwise great concept, i like were you went with it =D

  3. erin-
    i like this better than the original sketch you sent me.
    think about ways to bring more black into the base of the image. the fact that it is only in the sky bothers me.
    i think the fading of their legs could be worked on. it just looks like you erased their leg lines.
    i like what "RIN" said concerning turning their bodys to face away. the look over the shoulder is much more exciting. and makes me wonder where they are going.

  4. I like everything except for the feet. They're too choppy for my taste. Maybe making the blue cuts more random would fix this?