Thursday, October 7, 2010

Final sketttchh

Okay heerreees my final sketch. i pulled him out a little and added lots more lilypads, but i really wanted to focus on him, so i chose closer rather than farther out. if hes still too far, i can make him smaller but i'd still like the emotion on his face to be visible. :) what do you guys think? any obvious anatomy errors i should consider?
I should note im not going for utter realism, there are some things (like his eyes) i would like to exaggerate. but in terms of relative proportion i am open for critique :)


  1. Comparing the two, I really enjoy the first one. I like the depth you get from the lily pads, and even though he's farther away I still get that emotion from his face. I also really like how his beard trails off, then your eye gets looped back around from the lily pad in the front.

    There is a lily pad that is getting reallllyy close to his eye though, maybe move it so it's sitting farther away from him? (I don't want to see it go behind his head because the stem is already behind his arm)

    Also in the final keep those hair strands on his face and coming from his hair bun, really says "Old man" to me :3

  2. oh jeez i didnt even see that lilypad xD ill change that now. and yes dont worry ill keep the hair strannddss. i love drawing loose hair c:

  3. I think the strands of hair are very straight.Especially the one near his right ear. Maybe try making them a little curvier? They don't very natural to me.

    And I agree with Erin, the top one is much better. The bottom one feels very cramped.