Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Uncle Time

Re-cap on Story;

Uncle Time never worked, did not have a house, and never asked for anything. He was a strange being, who seemed to hold a magical sense about himself. He rarely spoke, but would offer strange help to those who needed it. A rumor is that he himself is Anansi the Spider, owner of all stories.
Once, a young man was trying to get into college, but kept failing the entrance exam. He was very distraught, and went into the forest to kill himself. As he walked, he noticed Uncle Time sitting in a tall tree. The young man climbed the tree to sit with him, and Uncle Time offered him some bananas. As they ate, they dropped the banana peals on the ground. A homeless man was walking passed, and after catching a glance at the banana peals dived for them, devouring them. The boy saw he was not so unfortunate, for he was not poor and starving like this unfortunate soul, and decided to live.


  1. i like the framing of the two , but the black is overused. i have a hard time working my eye back into the scene to see the two.
    it lacks the variety that the last piece had.

  2. I REALLY like the linework you're using for the grass in the center of the piece. It has a nice hatch-marky likeness to it, and good repetition.
    I am having a hard time noticing/recognizing the bananas on the ground though.

  3. this might be a situation were you want to introduce one other solid color. i think the bananas would pop more if they were actually a solid yellow. i like the amount of black you used in the picture, but maybe like mark said you could go over it with the pink again and bring some areas back out =)