Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Mumford & Sons poster?

Decided to ditch the nautical theme, and focus more on the land with these sketches. They're kind of technically the same concept, just different layouts?

Decided to go for a folkart-inspired landscape, with the text following the curves of the land. Planning on using a fall-inspired color palette for these, and tinting the linework sepia. Going to stay away from any large chunks of grass/emerald greens, though.

Kind of favoring this composition more than the other one though, mostly because I like the arrangement of the text better. I kind of miss the mess of instruments wrapped up in the roots with the skeletons, but that might just make it far too busy.

1 comment:

  1. i can only click on the second one :c you might have to delete that picture and repost to see if it loads right.

    i like thsi new concept, i think it fits the music a lot better. i think "mumford & sons" needs to be a lot bigger, possibly take up 90-95% of the back hill. right now its just another element in the picture, and i think it should be just as important as your illustration. ii cant really comment on the differences between the two concepts, but i do like the cut-off underground look you have going here c:

    i think the tree on the left should be moved over ever so slightly so it goes off the page. either that or add some lower leaves or bushes (near the bottom) to take away that awkward space between the tree branch and the end of your canvas.

    looks good thoughhh