Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Freezepop poster

Final pencils and rough black-spotting. I feel like the headphones may be a bit too big, and I'm going to play with those. The concept overall is more of a loveletter from Freezepop, especially since this upcoming concert of theirs is the last one to be held at Harpers Ferry, where most bands in the Boston area first start playing, which will close down this month. I also plan to toss in a bunch of awesome neon-goodness colors into this for the final, since it's a motif they've kept forever.


  1. ahhh, i like this! i think the headphones are fine, there are some styled ones like that out there and i think these fit the concept nicely. i like everything else too (the speech bubble, the fur on her jacket) but im not too sure about the letter. this whole concept feels more like "walking during a cold morning" rather than a "love letter" theme. So maybe you could scratch the love letter, and add some snow fall of sorts c:

    i also think you might be better off keeping the background a solid color for this, and restrict the neon/flashy colors for her clothes. i'd like to see her hair and skin a normal color, i think if you go crazy insane it might take away the sophistication of the image you're giving us.

    one more thinggg. her lips seem very....flat and thin right now. i might plump them up a tad more to look better, just because they are connected to one of the main focuses (the speech bubble text).

    other than that, it looks great 8D

  2. the headphones have to be big. otherwise you will not have large enough text on them.
    i am a bit worried about the dark gray torn edge at the bottom and how it seems to get to close to the speech bubble. yo u might try it without that as well.
    even after your explanation of the love letter, i am not sure it is something that anyone would understand. also the inclusion of one or two fingers at the bottom is weird. it took me a while to figure out they were needed there to hold the envelope, be cause i didn't see it right away.