Thursday, October 14, 2010

Elric Book Cover

Hey everyone!

Her are some of my rough sketches of my next book Elric. I did two designs based off the two views we talked about in class. The 4th one was Marks vision of Elric seen from a birds eye view making his way through the snow. The first 3 were an idea from Rin which was Elric on top a defeated beasty now covered in snow with a black glowing blade I like #3 best out of those. My final sketches are due Tuesday so I plan on working on this over the weekend, so any input will help me get this sorted out by then :)


  1. i definitely like number three! the only thing i would suggest is to make sure the atmosphere/air around him isn't perfectly clear. i think some snow gusts or wind will help give the scene more intensity. (plus, for him to have just killed that creature and for it to already be covered in snow, there has to be some sort of snowfall of sorts c: )

  2. i like three the best (as they stand now). however i have no idea where the title is going to go. there isn't enough room for it.
    does this image give away too much. now i know he killed the giant beast.
    also i think you really have to think about how white you can make the whole scene. it needs to really contrast the sword.
    check these:

    i would sway more towards 4 if you adjusted to the following:
    this image implies he killed something but we question what it was.

  3. ps. so sorry it took me so long to get to this.
    i've been tending to a sick wife.