Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Elric cover

Hey Gang, Here is a revised study I did of my next cover, I'm going with a heavy snowy atmosphere. I made the dragon a bit less obvious covered in snow and left more space at the top for the title.


  1. In general everything looks good, I really want the guy to be the darkest thing in the final :3

  2. i agree with erin c: i did a little bleaching out, just to better represent my comment


    i think you could go even more atmospheric with the snow, and fade out the dragons head a teensy bit more. i cant decide if i like the black and white concept or if i want the dragon to have some grayish colored tone to him (maybe a grey blue?) either way, i like the final sketch, and im excited to see the wip on thursday! =)

  3. see corinne's image.
    it's the blizzard effect you need to nail.

  4. Thanks for the photo Corinne. Yes this was just a black and white study, I do plan to paint the finish in color with some faint blues and grays etc. The finish is due Tuesday so I will bring the sketch and color study to class Thursday.