Sunday, October 3, 2010

On A Pale Horse Book Cover

Hey all,

I wanted to get some input on my sketches for the next book cover. I reworked On A Pale Horse from my thumbnails. I went with the James Dean cool kid loner type smoker. The bottom one I have him looking off and the second one up he is looking right at the viewer. I also have included some quick color studies.


  1. i definitely like the one where he is looking off into the distance c: as for the color studies, maybe you could combine both the read and green? i feel like the red color gives is a sort of...cliche look of 'everythings dead', and the green might be a little too bright and happy for what his personality is.

    im not sure if this is also a cliche, but you could have everything green in the background, and have the ground slowly turn into a more reddish/brown the closer it gets to him. i might also consider putting something in the background. maybe some circular hay bales, something not too distracting but enough so our eyes don't become bored =)

  2. Yeah, that scan came out really red, I was going for a more redish orange Utah kinda feel, maybe some purple hints of mountains. I know what you mean about the landscape, I want to use some more detail elements when I paint it and some texture.

  3. paul-
    i think the image lacks the punch that it needs for the idea of the cover.
    the above shots that have the car straight on forward are not exciting. it doesn't have the longing in the eyes (or lack there of)
    to be bluntly honest...i would not pick this book up based on the covers given. you need to grab the audience as they walk by it in the store.

    here is my mock up attempt.
    and for color i think you need to get a dreamy or sunset feel to it. which might help with the background story of death.

  4. Hey Mark. The link for the imageshack jpg is not working. Can you check the spelling and post it again please?