Monday, October 11, 2010

This is a WIP of what i have so far. any obvious issues i should deal with before i keep going?

the blue was a last minute change, personally i like the pink flowers c:


  1. Ha ha I'm gunna be the jerk, but I actually really like the blue. It gives the image a nice pop

    I almost wish that I could see a small bit of his clothes underneath the water, along with the lily pad stems

  2. Caught this post in my reader feed - thought I would add a note...

    I love the last option.

    There's a subtle flattening to the image that's flattering, and I feel like the narrow range of color accentuates that. The sense of space is implied in the subject through symbol and line, in lieu of the monotone, where, in the other two, the pointed shift in color seems to bring it somewhere between graceful monotone and expressed color variety - kind of caught between worlds.

    The third!

    I hope my impromptu critique isn't absurd!