Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Wizard's First Rule

Here is a link to the summary of the book:
Wizard's First Rule--Wikipedia
It also has two of the covers done previously. The top-most one (with the dragon) is the first cover, and the second is the mass-production cover. There is a third cover, which features the actors from the television show based on this book series.

As for the thesis targets, here is the list of what I'm doing:
• Advertising
• Book Jacket ~> Mixed, 16—30 (Wizard's First Rule)
• Children’s Book Interior ~> Mixed, 4—8 (Aesop's Fable)
• Magazine ~> Women, 20—60
• Product Design (Coffee sleeve)
• Natural Science
• PSA Poster ~> Women, 14—30
• Stamp


  1. my worry with all of this is that none of it is related to each other. i understand you're working with the medium to create a unity in that way, but the subject matter seems scattered. it might work if you stuck to a "theme" or "subject" and expressed it in these different fields, using your collage as the medium of choice. normally it wouldnt be a problem, but considering it's thesis i feel the sense of unity is a requirement.

    maybe you could also come up with a written paragraph with all of your intentions and a schedule for the rest of the semester too, so we know whats going on and what to expect.

  2. Thanks, but really the only thing that's changed is the thesis idea. The schedule is the same as what it is on the first proposal I wrote up.

  3. right, but is there an order you plan on doing these in, or is it a checklist? thats what i meant.