Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Duke of Luck


There were two brothers, Tony and Duke. Tony always seemed down on his luck, while his brother was always lucky. Tony's wife left him, he contently lost jobs, and could not hold onto money for long. Duke on the other hand had a lovely wife and beautiful daughter, and always had money for his family.
One day Duke passed away. Tony had promised long ago to take care of his daughter if anything happened. But with no money, it seemed impossible.
Then one late night, while strolling on the beach contemplating how to earn money, Tony felt a slight nudge toward the water. He made his way closer to the waves, and he felt the push again. Tony looked around, but no one was there. He got on his knees next to the water. "What shall I do?" He thought.
Suddenly he looked down, and underneath the water were hundreds of pearls! He began to scoop them up quickly, and no matter how many he took there seemed to be hundreds more. Tony was so grateful, now he could take care of his niece!
But Tony looked again, and it was not his hands grabbing the pearls, but a pair of floating hands in front of his! Tony smiled, his heart filled with joy. His brother had used his luck one last time to help Tony.

I don't know if the extra pair of hands clutter the piece too much or not

NOTE; Only the sketch will be completely digital. The final will be the same as the rest of my thesis :)


  1. I really love how you've stylized him, but I'm a little worried about his right arm - even with the simplified shapes you used, it's still bordering on too long to be believable. It's one of those things where it doesn't bother you on first glance, and the more you look at it, the more it seems off. It may just be that the line where the forearm overlaps is too long, especially when you compare it to the solid curve of the other arm.

    Your highlights are really working well here. I feel like maybe you could add a hint to the shirt on his chest and stomach, like you did with his pants. Try it out?

    Kind of torn on the ghost hand. On the one hand (ahaha oops), I feel like it'd be a fun element, especially if it was a solid/gradient shape underneath the lines of the waves? But on the other, it may be juuust a little too big?

  2. i'd like to see a pile of pears near or in his lap where his hand tucks in :) i like this concept too, but i agree with chelsie with the arm. i feel like you're trying for two different styles in terms of his anatomy. i like them both, but i think the piece would be stronger if he either had longer, or meatier arms :>

    i think one of these illustrations (maybe thise one) you should experiment with a thinner line style and build up. doesnt have to be realistic or anything, but i think you could use more patterning or texture in your pieces =)

    im also going to be the antagonist in this comment and say im not totally a fan of the highlights. i like them in the pearls, but when they're used on his arms it makes him look...plastic-y and tube like. maybe instead add highlights to the creases in his shirt. Actually, i like the color being used to emphasize objects and not necessarily relate to light/shadow. what if you gave him hairs on his arm made from that yellow, or the fabric in his pants had some. i dont know just throwin out ideas :0

    overall i like the concept and picture, wee 8D

  3. i agree with what has been said. try lowering the chest line near the right arm. that might make the arm shorter.