Sunday, October 17, 2010

New sketches

So here's the next story i'm illustrating =) its short so i scanned the pages in for your viewing pleasure:

And here are my sketches!

This one i have her essentially dancing off into the distance while the three victims lay on the ground
Similar idea for this one, but i have the "building" included. its stylistic and abstract, the walls being transparent and such.


  1. I am liking the 3rd one the best, I like the image of old woman in the background, and the three dead woman in the foreground. Although I kinda want one of the three woman move, I drew a red line kinda where I mean

    Course you don't have to do it, just a suggestion~ :3

  2. Totally agreeing with Erin on the third sketch, here. The walls for the 4th might get a bit confusing, even if they are pretty much transparent, and doesn't have that nice simplistic flow as the 3rd one. Also, Erin is spot on with moving that third woman, since your sketch cuts her off too much to be read as a person. If you still want to cut them off to be mostly off-screen, something like an actual visible human limb among all those robes helps a lot.

  3. in order of like: 3, 5, 1

    the only major issue i have with three that hasn't been said yet is...doesn't this give away alot abou tthe story? I know it doesn't reveal that the spitting crane lady is dead, but it does immediatly tell us that there are three others dead. do you want to give away that much if someone sees the visual before the story or if they are side by side?

    I like the contrast and ow far down the corpse is buried and the fact that she is spitting on her own grave. it is more conceptual

    this is nice for the fact that we don't know what the spitting lady looks like. a bit of mystery.